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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Progress on my Ringling 100 submission

I'm doing an illustration for the Ringling 100 book. It's this collection of works by only Ringling students and alumni that's being headed up by Greg Hettinger and Scott Zitta. 100 students, 100 pieces. I'm not sure how far along it is but I'm hoping I can get into it. How sweet would it be to be published? :D

It's judged by a panel of teachers I believe, so it can remain impartial. Here's hoping my stuff will be good enough for them :X Anyways, here's where I am so far...still doing the linework. I'm going for a graphic novel feel and seeing where I can take it from there. I'm planning on making lots of use of textures and a bit of bloom if I can figure out how not to make it obvious. But yeah, the theme we're all supposed to follow is "Waking the Giants". I call mine, "Giants Waking Up" :P


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